Saturday, June 3rd 12:30-4:30pm

Meet Our Vendors + Artisans...




Minky and Sweet is a baby boutique featuring handmade baby items useful for everyday life. They are all stylish and unique while being functional. 

Why Minky?  Shannon uses high-quality minky in all of her pieces and finds that the difference in softness and durability is remarkable. 

Shannon hand crafts baby blankets, bibs, burp cloths, pacifier clips, fabric teethers, wash cloths, loveys and more!  She has worked to make a baby line full of fun prints and functional designs.  She creates everything by herself with attention to detail!

Find her work in the Gardiner Library on the Craft Market Walk! 


For as long as she can recall, creation of anything fascinated Nicole. Whether it was cooking, gardening, painting, sculpture, handmade or machine made.  She taught herself how to throw pottery over 27 years ago and has been an artist for her entire life. As a mother of two great boys and a wife to her best friend, she is always trying to find time to produce more work. She is always at the canvas and in her pottery studio creating work for the season of craft shows and custom orders.

Find Nicole in the Gardiner Library at the Craft Market Walk!


Artist/Designer Jasmine Redfern has been designing and making fun and functional things for the home since 1993. Her love of all things patterned began in London where she studied textile design at art school. She uses a mix of maps and fabrics - some of which are her own designs, to make her vintage inspired lighting. Jasmine handcrafts each piece with attention and care in her quaint studio, 80 miles from New York City, in rural New Paltz, New York, where her chickens and vegetable garden are in view. Her nightlights are made from beautiful leftover pieces from her larger lamps that might otherwise have been discarded. When she is not making lamps and nightlights, she can be found creating wall finishes for commercial and residential.

Whimsy Home Lamps can be found in the Gardiner Library on the Craft Market Walk!


Started in 2016 by Steven Kratochwill & Thomas Felten, B.W.D. is focused on making handmade furniture and home décor from reclaimed products. Mainly specializing in Reclaimed Barn Wood Furniture, the young artisans not only enjoy the building the products, but especially enjoy the design process with the clients and the joy it brings them when they bring their clients ideas to life. Also included in their creative portfolio is to share the story from where their reclaimed products came from, and the journey that it has made to get into their hands. Most of the wood sourced comes from local barns in hopes to keep the history to the area that it is most prevalent.

Find Bella Woodwork Designs at the Farmer's Market Grounds on the Craft Market Walk!


Mark Draws Stuff Sometimes doesn’t care if you like of his work or not. He’s not doing it for you. But let’s face it; you’re going to like it. Because what’s not to like about hand-drawn images of The Wizard of Oz charred onto carefully chosen pieces of palate wood? 

Mark Draws Stuff Sometimes chooses every piece of Palate Wood himself. He finds every slab of recycled Barn wood, contemplates every line and every shadow.  Each piece is hand-drawn and comes off as a part of his personality, his humor, or sometimes, just his own personal tastes. 

Find Mark Draws Stuff Sometimes in the Gardiner Library on the Craft Market Walk! 


Aimee Joan Designs creates custom handmade pieces for the perfect gift for someone special, special occasions and wedding jewelry.  Using high-quality materials and wire wrapping methods, Aimee Joan Designs creates high-end, beautiful pieces that stand apart from other jewelers.

Serving the Hudson Valley, areas including Newburgh, New Paltz, Gardiner, Wallkill, Montgomery, Modena, Poughkeepsie, West Point and more!

Find Aimee Joan Designs in the Gardiner Library on the Craft Market Walk.


Uptown Attic provides today's consignor and shopper with a fun, positive and rewarding experience. As our consignor, your items are carefully cared for and beautifully displayed in our store so you receive the best possible selling price. As our shopper, you will find clothing and accessories that have been hand selected and range from unique & trendy to classy & timeless. As your consignment store, we take pride in our customer service and inviting atmosphere. Uptown Attic is sure to become a favorite on your list!

Uptown Attic accepts clothing for all shapes and sizes in women, women's plus and junior girls. We also carry girls and boys sizes in infant through size 10 and have large selection of jewelry, shoes and handbags.

Uptown Attic can be found at the Farmer's Market Grounds on the Craft Market Walk!


Raven of Eros + Arch finds inspiration in doing things the good-old-fashioned way; hence homemade candles, room sprays, and other handmade products. Raven is dedicated to eco-friendly practices and all of her products are environmentally friendly. Raven uses high-quality soy and beeswax in her candles and uses therapeutic grade essential oils derived from plants to create a desired aroma or ambiance. These room and linen sprays can transform a space or contribute to mental well being with the selected essential oils. All products are made in very small batches in New Paltz, NY. They are also made with an abundance of love, enthusiasm, and a bit of elbow grease.

Find Eros + Arch at the Gardiner Library on the Craft Market Walk! 


The World's Coolest Rain Gauge™ is a happy combination of science and style. Based on the Archimedean Principle of water displacement, this solid copper and steel rain gauge is practical, fun and very cool.

The World's Coolest Rain Gauge™ is designed and handcrafted entirely in the US with materials sourced within a 50-mile radius of New Paltz, NY. This "buy local" approach to manufacturing started out as a necessity -- I simply couldn't afford to purchase and store the large quantities of product required by overseas manufacturers. I had been down that road before with other products and found that importing just wasn't suitable for a company as small as mine.

Find the World's Coolest Rain Gauge at the Yard Owl Craft Brewery on the Craft Market Walk! 


Lucky Bug Clothing Company makes soft, adorable baby clothing that is ethically produced in New York, so that you and the child in your life can both be comfortable. 

Made from organic bamboo viscose jersey, Lucky Bug Clothing is designed with humorous, hand-drawn prints that are (almost) as cute as your little one. 

Soft, Stylish, Sustainable and Sweatshop-Free.

Lucky Bug Clothing can be found at the Farmer's Market Grounds on the Craft Market Walk!


Paper Street Soap Co. is a producer of certified organic personal care products based in New Paltz, NY — in the heart of the Hudson Valley and at the base of the Shawangunk Ridge or "The Gunks" — and created by brother and sister team Michael and Jennifer Reid.

USDA Organic certification is the gold seal for organic products with by far the strictest standards on the market. With our products there's no skimping here. Others may claim to be organic (or worse off, "natural" or "all-natural", which are meaningless marketing terms!), but a truly organic product needs to have the official USDA Organic seal. GMOs, none of those, cruelty-free, no synthetics or any weird junk that you don't know how to pronounce. Our ingredients, our manufacturer, and our product are all certified USDA Organic.

Find them at Yard Owl Craft Brewery at the Craft Market Walk! 


We are a small fiber farm (with a bunch of chickens) located in the beautiful Hudson Valley. The farm is home to a growing flock of registered.

They are renowned for their incredibly soft fleece, perfect for all types of fiber work.

The fleece is either sent off to become roving or yarn. Some is kept behind for spinners who like to prepare their own fleeces. During the summer the flock spends much of its time grazing on fresh forage. On the farm we practice rotational grazing, which simply means we change their pasture often. This method promotes the health of the animals and the pasture.

Find White Barn Farm Sheep and Wool at the Gardiner Library on the Craft Market Walk! 


Our Mission is Safety, our Promise is Authenticity.   We offer a new standard of safety with our TOXIN FREE / HYPOALLERGENIC beds, carriers, toys and organic grooming products. In the process, we strive to maintain the highest levels of sustainability of our earth's resources possible.    We are making all our products one piece at time in New York.  We use as many USA materials as possible, starting with the cotton grown in the midwest to the eco fill stuffing made from recycled water bottles in up state New York, to the looms of New England that weavethis recycled plastic into the many different textiles used in our product line.

Find Sit. Stay. Forever. at the Farmer's Market Grounds of the Craft Market Walk! 


Santia of 'Slate' creates pieces from reclaimed roofing slates using recycled buttons, rope, decorative stones and metal pieces.  Each piece of artwork is handcrafted and unique in design. Featuring mixed mediums and simple touches that make each piece pop. 

Find 'Slate' in the Gardiner Library on the Craft Market Walk! 




Phoenicia Honey Company is based at Amira's Farm, where bees and plants are grown organically and with love.  Everything made by Phoenicia Honey Co. is farm crafted in small batches, filled with locally sourced ingredients wherever possible.  Specially made for every customer with tender love and care. 

Find Phoenicia Honey Co. at the Farmer's Market Grounds on the Craft Market Walk! 


It started over 50 years ago with Eric’s grandfather Jack Lueken, his partner Raymond Jenkins, and just a few trees and five varieties. They soon became a local favorite. 

Today, the Orchard has expanded to thousands of trees and over 40 apple varieties. Of these varieties is the distinctive and highly acclaimed Golden Russet that Jack Lueken himself brought over from Germany.  This rare apple with its distinguished taste is unlike any other and is just one of the many varieties that is hand-selected and pressed to create the unique blend that you can enjoy in our cider today.

Find Yankee Folly Cider at the Farmer's Market Grounds on the Craft Market Walk! 


Four Winds Farm is a 24 acre diversified organic farm located in Gardiner, used to grow vegetables, primarily heirloom and open pollinated varieties for better flavor and for seed saving. The farm also raises beef which supplies them with farm-generated manure compost, allowing them to grow vegetables using a method that is very different from conventional farms. Their garden space is NEVER plowed or rototilled. They grow their vegetables in permanently formed beds, some of which have been in place for 18 years. This technique reduces overall weed pressure and gives better-tasting vegetables that keep longer in the refrigerator. 

Find them at the Farmer's Market Grounds on the Craft Market Walk! 


Tweefontein was built on Anne Salomon’s vision and Larry Salomon’s back. They purchased the 9 acre farm from Bill and Mary (Jenkins) Nichols, who was a descendant from the French Huguenots, the original settlers of New Paltz.

Tweefontein’s reputation for superior naturally grown produce and farm prepared products flourished and many stories were written.

The farm produces heirloom vegetables, herbs of every sort and an amazing variety of garlic which became Anne’s passion. Along with Tweefontein itself, Anne became a mentor to so many and an incubator for young talent. These farmers came to the farm to work and learn and contributed to what Tweefontein is today. A sign that Anne hung prominently from the farm’s main barn noted: “This Land is my steward, I shall not want.”

All good things change.  Unfortunately, Anne passed away in 2003.  However; all the effort that was put into Tweefontein, along with the growing demand for quality Hudson Valley sourced food has helped sustain Tweefontein.  Today Anne’s children share the farm with young farmers interested in keeping Tweefontein’s tradition alive and making their own mark in sustainable, locally grown goodness.

Find them at the Farmer's Market Grounds on the Craft Market Walk! 


Converting a 1 car garage into a small ice cream stand, Lakeside Licks opened for the first time in  the small town of Speculator, NY. It caused quite a buzz in the town, being in the center of the town itself doesn’t hurt either…. And in the first few months of our 3rd season, John found a second location to bring his new business a little closer to home. Lakeside Licks South opened on 9W in Milton in July of 2011. And to continue with our growth in the summer of 2013 we opened a third location in Highland, NY, which features an 18 hole miniature golf course, food and of course ICE CREAM.

Find Lakeside Licks at the beginning of the Rail Trail on the Craft Market Walk! 


A family owned and operated Italian Ice stand based in Clintondale, NY.  Flavors Include: Zesty Lemon, Blueberry, Cherry, Chocolate, Rainbow, Mango, Coconut, Pina Colada, Watermelon, Strawberry and many more! 

Find Ice Bros Frozen Treat at Yard Owl Craft Brewery on the Craft Market Walk! 




Started in a 400 square foot shed, brew masters James Walsh and Kristop Brown came together to create an old European style in the new world of brewing.  Only the best ingredients are used in every batch with attention to detail is made by "four hands."

Yard Owl Craft Brewery will be serving delicious brews and barbecue all day long, so come hungry! 


Located in the heart of New York's beautiful Hudson Valley, nestled in the Town of New Paltz, Pantano’s is your go-to local expert for quality Wine Grapes, Juice Pails, Beer Brewing Products, Mead Making, Cider, and Fruit Wine. 

Carrying a large inventory of equipment for cusomters to choose from, including Pots, Tubs, Tanks, Bottles, Burners, Distilling products and much more!

Find them and homemade brews at the Yard Owl Craft Brewery on the Craft Market Walk! 


Gable Erenzo is former Chief Distiller at New York's Pioneering Tuthilltown Spirits Distillery. Partnering with a local 4th generation orchard, GLM brings the focus on estate spirits from the bounty of the Gardiner and New Paltz area.  Gardiner Liquid Mercantile is a nano-distillery with a satellite retail shop and tasting room on Main Street in Gardiner.  This Main Street Farm Shop, Cafe and Bar has become a hub for all Farm beverages and food produced within 20 miles of Gardiner Village.

Find GLM at the Yard Owl Craft Brewery on the Craft Market Walk! 




Formed in 2010, the band decided that American audiences longed to hear authentic tales of classic crisis. Yard Sale tunes are sung from the heart in 3-part harmony with a sense of pride, purpose, and dark humor. They deal with topics of country-fried angst like drinkin’ and cheatin’ and going for broke while going broke. But they also invoke the soulful beauty of R&B, the uplifting anthems of gospel, the lonesome melancholy of bluegrass, and the steamrolling syncopation of early 20th century riverboat minstrels and hobo jug bands.

Find them at Yard Owl Craft Brewery playing from 2pm-4pm at the Craft Market Walk! 


County Hell is a band out of Ulster County, NY playing music by the legendary Irish rock band The Pogues. County Hell brings music for dirge, drink and dance to any occasion. Comprised of Matty Hell on Guitar/Vocal, Chris Hell on Drums, Mikey Hell on Bass/Banjo/Vocal, Libby Hell on Fiddle/Mandolin/Banjo/Vocal, Jason Hell on Bass/vocal and Kazio Hell on Accordion/Vocal.

Find them at Yard Owl Craft Brewery from 4pm-6pm at the Craft Market Walk! 


Within seconds of hearing Shlomo Franklin, you’ll believe he’s next in the long line of inspired American singer-songwriters. His songs are both original and familiar, like found memories or crazy consecutive instances of synchronicity. His vocals are haunting, his chords resonate in your soul, and his passion for music’s evident in his sympathetic eyes and infectious smile. Growing up in Bethel, New York, when he wasn’t milking cows, Shlomo was vibing off the spiritual influence of nearby Woodstock, and later, absorbing the music of other influences, including Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Leonard Cohen, and Johnny Cash.

Shlomo will be at the Farmer's Market Grounds from 1pm-4pm at the Craft Market Walk! 


Ed Daley is a long-time musician and band manager local to New Paltz and Gardiner, NY.  Playing soulful tunes and interesting guitar chords, Ed finds musical inspiration every day. 

Find him at Yard Owl Craft Brewery from 12pm-2pm and at the Gardiner Library from 2:30pm-4:30pm at the Craft Market Walk! 


For a Cause:
Why we ask you to join us on this walk


Unlike other hospitals, the majority of funding for St. Jude comes from generous donors. It costs $2.4 million per day to operate St. Jude,and public contributions provide more than 75 percent of the funds necessary to operate the hospital.

Families never receive a bill from St. Jude for treatment, travel, housing or food.  As a children's research hospital, St. Jude must be able to provide lifesaving care to patients regardless of economic fluctuations, and this necessitates we maintain a reserve fund. At the core of our mission is our ability to research and treat life-threatening childhood diseases for the patients who come through our doors today as well as the children who will need us in the future.



The Gardiner Association of Businesses (GAB) is a network for the Gardiner area business community. Run by small business owners, people who both live and work here, GAB has made it a priority to give back to the community this year. Our businesses have come together to give back including to programs such as Greystone Programs Inc, the Pregnancy Support Center of New Paltz and Family of New Paltz.  We hope to continue to raise money to further our contributions in the community. 


The mission of the Gardiner Library is to provide materials and services to meet the educational, cultural, and social needs of our growing community.  The library facilitates personal and professional enrichment, internet access, and provides a center for community activities.  In particular, the Gardiner Library recognizes its responsibility to encourage the love of reading in Gardiner's children, and by so doing, help foster their development into literate, informed citizens.

Saturday, June 3rd 12:30-4:30pm

Where to Park?

+Gardiner Library
+Farmer's Turnpike
+Main Street
+Municipal Parking next to the Rail Trail
+Majestic Park
+Osprey Lane
+Station Square
+Gardiner Town Hall
+Gardiner Firehouse
+Yard Owl Craft Brewery

The Craft Market Walk hosted by GAB Gardiner Association of Businesses
Planning + Promotion for this event by LACE Photo Media

Come sun or rain, jump on the Craft Market Walk train!  

Join us for an event inspired by the artisans and craftsmanship in and around Gardiner, New York. Peruse through a one mile Craft Market Walk stretching from the Gardiner Library, to the Farmer's Market Grounds, across the Gardiner Rail Trail and onto the Yard Owl Craft Brewery! Enjoy handmade jewelry, vintage furniture, all-natural skincare, herbal remedies, farmhouse pottery, up-cycled clothing, small batch spirits, craft beer, local wine and all-day music, raffles and activities all along the way. This event is family-friendly and we encourage all ages to join in the Craft Market Walk festivities. Come for community, shopping, food, and fun!