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Save Your Small Business Money

You can actually SAVE money by offering Aflac to your employees. Aflac policies are pre-tax and paid for by the employee. By lowering your payroll, you lower your FICA tax. Save money and prevent your employees from becoming a Go-Fund-Me account; offer them Aflac!
-Carolin Mohrmann, Alfac


Research and Target Your Ideal Client

Whether you sell a tangible product or offer a service, you’re always looking to find more people to sell that product or service to. Set some time aside to research the best ways to find those people. The key word there is ways. Whether it be word of mouth, cold calls, emails, letters, social media, radio, or TV, never rely on one! It’s always good to have a mix. I love using social media and word of mouth networking, and get involved in anything that is related to meeting realtors. Hope this helps!
-Matt LaSpada, Residential Home Funding


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