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Website Design is Key

Your website is your ‘online storefront’ and often your potential customer’s first impression. It needs to have brains and beauty and its form needs to follow its function. Navigation needs to be easy, all links need to be live and clicking, and the fewer clicks to make a sale, the better. We as consumers have short attention spans and want to be wowed. Ask yourself, would I want to shop on my website? If not, make the necessary changes or hire someone who knows how.
-Lucia Civile, LACE Photo Media


Use Insurance to Prevent Financial Risk 

When used correctly, insurance serves as a way to transfer financial risk to someone else so that an unexpected event doesn’t derail your long-term personal or business goals. The pitfall our clients most often run into is failure to continuously evaluate that risk and adjust their coverage accordingly. Review your policies yearly and if you need help, find a professional that you trust. A reputable agent or broker should be happy to review your coverage with no strings attached, and might even be able to even save you money, offer better coverage, or both! Don’t like or trust your agent? Fire them. We’re in a time where you should be able to get a reasonably quick response from your person with a transparent and accurate explanation using the contact method that you prefer.


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