You know how the saying goes... "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Getting rid of office or farm equipment, old chairs, books or other items that may serve our GAB community? Contact us below and we'll be sure to add it.


Mid-Century Modern Piano for Donation

1953 Shoninger Mid-Century Modern console/spinet piano. Serial number 27751. Purchased from original owner; has not been played in many years. Excellent tone quality. Felts and hammers in excellent condition; little wear on hammer heads and action. Sound board and bridges in excellent condition. Cabinet and finish in very good condition. Stored in a temperature-controlled environment in Sullivan County (Youngsville). Serious inquiries only - hoping for a good home for this beautiful instrument!  Contact the owner at


1971 Dodge Challenger For Sale! 

1971 Dodge Challenger for sale. It's in excellent condition, it's simply not being used enough by the owner. Please message if interested for more information! 


Walden Savings Bank Employee Cookbook

Proceeds from this $10 cookbook benefit Food Bank of the Hudson Valley!  Get yours this Holiday season at Walden Savings Bank in Gardiner Gables plaza.  


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