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Wine Salesperson needed at Vegan Wines

Vegan Wines is seeking a sales person to market directly to wine stores and restaurants in Hudson Valley.

Vegan Wines is passionate about animals and the environment and works directly with wine producers to ensure that the wines we buy are made with environmentally conscious and animal friendly methods. We are a growing wine distributor based in the New York and Napa area and are looking for people who share our passion for wine, education and top notch customer service. We are seeking a sales person with a strong knowledge of wine and wine production, especially as it relates to vegan wine. Our goal is to bring Vegan Wines mainstream, not just to vegan restaurants. Many restaurants, even vegan restaurants, do not know if their wines are 100% vegan, so education is key when presenting our portfolio. 

The ideal candidate will have 2 years of experience of wholesale distribution in the Hudson Valley. We seek an individual that is goal oriented in the wine industry and a willingness to learn and educate their clients. 

Please send your resume and cover letter to us at


Part Time Assistance Needed at Local B&B

Looking for a responsible individual for a local B&B. Person must be flexible to do a variety of tasks including housekeeping, gardening, kitchen clean up, and others. Please contact Robert at 914-213-2487.


Ice Cream Shop Server at Tantillo's Farm Market

Tantillo's Farm Market is seeking ambitious employees to work in a very busy ice cream shop. Experience preferred. Candidates must be able to work with money and make change, interact with customers, and multi task. This is a busy shop open 7 days per week May - October, some weekends, nights and holidays are required. Pay based on experience. Please email to apply.


Horseback Riding Instructor/Trainer + Barn Worker

Instructor: Seeking a full-time, experienced horseback riding instructor with experience teaching children.  Trainer should be organized, responsible, reliable, and able to jump around a 3’ course.
Does this seem like the right fit for you or someone you know?
Please call Susan at 845-389-7222.

Barn Worker: Seeking a barn worker who is able to clean stalls, lift hay bales, use farm machinery and mow. Horse experience needed.
Please call Gary at 845-399-8860


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